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Welcome to Alec Buck's EMS Helicopters. Inside this web site you will find one  of the largest online collections of EMS Helicopters photos in the world. On display are over 650 photos from around the world, including 38 from my home state of Pennsylvania. Last month over 19,000 visitors stopped by this web site. Enjoy your visit and please take a moment to sign the Guest Book before you leave. Last updated on November 9, 2003.


Check out a couple of photos from Rotorfest 2003...

On Sunday, October 19th we attended Rotorfest 2003 at the Amereican Helicopter Museum. This was the fourth year we have attended the show. Had a chance to meet with the crew of Sky FlightCare and get some great photos with them. Check out the Rotorfest 2003 page to check them out.

Please welcome Ambulance Billing Company...

Ambulance Billing Company from Brooklyn, New York is now the primary sponsor for Alec Buck's EMS Helicopters. We look forward to having a long relationship with them.

Please welcome Air Evac Lifeteam...

Air Evac Lifeteam has joined Alec Buck's EMS Helicopters as an associate sponsor. Air Evac Lifeteam has 36 bases in ten states. Since starting operations in 1985, Air Evac Lifeteam has transported over 71,000 patients.

Photo Submissions...

If you have a photo you would like to have displayed, please send it by E-Mail to me at For best results, photos should be at least 600 x 400 pixels.