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VH-EMS - PowerCor LifeFlight operates two medical/rescue/fire fighting helicopters from its base in Melbourne, Victoria. LifeFlight 1 is certified for Night Visual Flight and can travel at speeds up to 145 knots with a range of 250 nautical miles. Thanks to Rhys Lauder. Added 05/26/2002.


VH-EMS / VH-BKL - PowerCor LifeFlight recently placed VH-BKL (LifeFlight 2) into service in October, 2003. LifeFlight 2 is certified for Instrument Flight Rule "IFR" and has been set up as a NETS/PETS retrieval helicopter in Melbourne. LifeFlight crews are made up of Pilot, Co-Pilot, and a mixture of Medics, Nurses and Physicians. Thanks to Jason Walburn, Senior Pilot. Added 10/05/2003.


VH-HRS - Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service is an Aeromedical Search and Rescue Service. Westpac started operations in 1975 in Newcastle and expanded in 2000 to Tamworth. Thanks to Scott Chaney. Added 10/05/2003.


VH-HRR - Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service covers Central Coast, Hunter, Manning, Lower North Coast, New England and North West regions of New South Wales. Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service is funded by the NSW Department of Health, corporate sponsorship and the community. Thanks to Scott Chaney. Added 10/05/2003.


VH-NSP - Bell 412 serves a 200k radius of Perth. The helicopter is leased by FESA (Fire and Emergency Authority). Crew is provided by St. John Ambulance Paramedics. Thanks to Neville Murphy. Added 08/30/2003.


VH-LAH - CHC Helicopters operates 5 Search and Rescue Helicopters for the Royal Australian Air Force. They provide all weather day and night SAR and can winch over water at night. Also provide SAR to the civil community. Thanks to Jason Dunk. Added 05/02/2003.


VH-NSV - South Australia State Rescue Helicopter is based at Adelaide Airport. The helicopter is sponsored by Adelaide Bank and operated by CHC Helicopters Australia. Missions are EMS, SAR and Police. In addition to this Bell 412 they also operate a Bell 206 Longranger. Thanks to Ashley Williams. Added 04/26/2003.


VH-RLI - Tasmanian Air Rescue started operations in September, 2000. Crew is pilot, police member and paramedic. This BK117 is IFR rated and also has a 3-person winch. The vendor is Rotor-Lift Helicopters. Thanks to Nigel King. Added 06/19/2002.


VH-XCF - RACQ CareFlight is an emergency medical and rescue helicopter based in Tugun on the Gold Coast. CareFlight covers parts of Queensland and New South Wales and has been in service since 1891. Crew is pilot, rescue crewman, medic and physician. Thanks to Rhys Lauder. Added 05/26/2002.


VH-BKZ - Telstra Child Flight is a medical retrieval helicopter dedicated to the children of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and New South Wales (NSW). Child Flight operates 2 helicopters from its base in Westmead. This BK117 is Child Flight 1. Child Flight started operations in 1989. Thanks to Anthony Gray. Added 05/22/2002.


VH-ECQ - Telstra Child Flight placed this N2 Dauphin (Child Flight 2) into service in October 2001. Both Child Flight helicopters have a crew of two pilots and usually a specialty nurse and physician. Telstra Child Flight relies on corporate sponsorship and community support to raise the $1.3 million per year which is needed to run their operation. Thanks to Anthony Gray. Added 05/22/2002.


VH-NSC - Snowy Hydro SouthCare Aero Medical and Rescue Helicopter Service is based in Canberra, Australia. SouthCare serves the Australian Capital Territory and the South East region of New Wales. They started operations in 1988. Thanks to Anthony Gray. Added 04/06/2002.


VH-SLA / VH-SLS - Two BK117 helicopters from Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter. This is the oldest flight program in Australia. In it's 25 years they have grown to a fleet of 6 helicopters strategically place along the eastern seaboard of the State of New South Wales. Thanks to Noel for the photo.


VH-NRL - Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter. This C1 Dauphin is based in Lismore NSW. Photo taken at Royal Brisbane Hospital in Queensland by Rhys Lauder. Added 05/26/2002.


VH-SLS - Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter. The program averages four missions per day and has flown close to 20,000 missions since 1973. Photo by Martin Grant. Added 04/06/2002.


VH-ELP - Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter is based in Caloundra, Queensland. Thanks to Oscar Bernardi. Added 08/01/2002.


VH-PVG - Air Ambulance based in Melbourne, Australia. Aircraft is a AS365N3 Dauphin and is run from the Victoria Police Air Wing. Crew is a police pilot, police observer and an ambulance paramedic. Program has four Dauphin helicopters and one AS350B Squirrel helicopter. Thanks to the crew for the photo. Added 01/19/2002.


VH-CFO - NRMA CareFlight based at Orange, New South Wales. This was the first EMS Koala in the world and has been in operation since the spring of 2001. CareFlight also operates a Bell 412 (see below). Thanks to Oscar Bernardi. Added 10/20/2001.


VH-CFT - NRMA CareFlight is based in Sydney. CareFlight has been in operation since 1986. Thanks to Dr. Ian Seppelt.


VH-NDO - NRMA CareFlight backup helicopter. Is used when the Bell 412 or A119 is out of service. Thanks to Oscar Bernardi. Added 08/01/2002.


VH-ESA / VH-ESB - Queensland Rescue operates three Bell 412's from bases in Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns. In addition to EMS missions, they also do SAR and Police missions. Thanks to Peter Collins, Pilot.


VH-ESD - Queensland Rescue Helicopter shown here on a mission at Atherton Community Hospital. Thanks to Brian Whitelegg. Added 09/06/2001.


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