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2003 |


N117US - Trauma One based out of Shands Jacksonville Medical Center in Jacksonville. Trauma One Jacksonville started operations in 1985 and serves a 70 mile radius. The vendor is CJ Systems Aviation Group. Thanks to Jason Spears. Added 10/24/2003.


N135LC - Shands Trauma One based out of Lake City will soon place this new EC135T2 into service, replacing the BK117 in the photo below. Thanks to Nevadasky who took this photo at the 2003 AAMS conference in Reno, Nevada. Added 11/08/2003.


N117LC - Shands Trauma One based out of Lake City is shown here on the heliport at Doctors Memorial Hospital in Perry. Trauma One Lake City started operations in the spring of 2003 and serves a 60 mile radius. Thanks to Allen. Added 06/20/2003.


N911UF - ShandsCair is based at the Shands Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville. ShandsCair started operations in 1981. ShandsCair adn Shands Trauma One both transport around 1,000 patients each year. Thanks to Oscar Bernardi. Added 04/18/2002.


N911TG - Aeromed 1 is a service of Tampa General Healthcare and is based at Tampa General Hospital. Aeromed operates 3 helicopters. The vendor is CJ Systems Aviation. Thanks to R.J. Starr, Flight Medic. Added 04/26/2003.


N912TG - Aeromed 2 is a service of Tampa General Healthcare and is based in Sebring. Aeromed started operations in 1989. Thanks to R.J. Starr, Flight Medic. Added 08/24/2003.


N9024Z - Aeromed 3 is a service of Tampa General Healthcare and is based at Iverness Airport in Citrus Court. Thanks to Stacy L. Howell. Added 01/19/2002.


N915SH - AirHeart-1 from Sacred Heart Health System is based in Santa Rosa Beach. AirHeart 1 started operations in November, 2001 and serves northwest Florida. The vendor is Metro Aviation. Crew is Metro Pilot, Sacred Heart Health Systems Flight Nurse, and a South Walton Fire District Fire Fighter/Flight Medic. Thanks to Johnny Padgett, Flight Paramedic. Added 07/06/2003.


N911BY - Bayflite 1 is based at Tampa Bay Executive Airport. Bayflite operates five helicopters (see other 4 below). Bayflite started operations in 1986 and is the largest hospital based scene responder in the United States. Vendor is Air Methods. Thanks to Steve Forster. Added 03/04/2000.


N158BK - Bayflite 2 is based at the Sarasota-Bradenton Airport. Thanks to Dan Foster. Added 07/06/2003.


N527RM - Bayflite 3 is based at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa. Thanks to Mike Wargo. Added 06/11/2002.


N163BK - Bayflite 4 is based at the Hernando County Airport in Brooksville. Thanks to Mike Wargo. Added 06/11/2002.


N90260 - Bayflite 5 is based in St. Petersburg. Functions as a transport team for NICU teams in central Florida. Crew is Pilot and Medic. Thanks to Bryan Davis. Added 06/28/2003.


N911SL - St. Lucie County Fire District operates this Agusta A119 Koala from the St. Lucie County Airport in Ft. Pierce. This helicopter replaced a smaller Bell LongRanger and can accommodate 2 patients and 2 paramedics and fly at speeds close to 160 mph. Medics are provided by St. Lucie County Fire Department. Photo from Agusta. Added 06/24/2003.


N911AR - Air Rescue South is based at Tamiami Airport in southwest Miami. The Air Rescue Bureau of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department started operations in 1985 and has four helicopters. They have transported over 10,000 patients with many flown to Ryder Trauma Center/Jackson Memorial Hospital. The crew is Aircraft Commander, Pilot, and two Flight Paramedics. Thanks to Orlando Hernandez, EMD. Added 06/20/2003.


N911US - Fireflight is operated by Flagler County Emergency Services and is based at Flagler County Airport in Bunnell. Fireflight started operations in October, 2002 and performs EMS, Law Enforcement and Firefighting duties. The crew is a pilot and a flight medic. Thanks to Jim Waring, Firefighter/Flight Medic. Added 02/02/2003.


N625MB - Life Flight I from Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville. Life Flight started operations in 1980 and serves a 150 mile radius of Jacksonville. Life Flight became a LifeNet program in 2000. Crew is pilot, nurse and medic. Thanks to Greg Freivogel. Added 05/05/2000.


N911BH - Life Flight II is based at Putnam Community Medical Center in Palatka. Life Flight II started operations in 2001. Life Fligth missions consist of transfers and scene calls. Crew is pilot, nurse and medic. Thanks to Jerry Ziegler, Clinical Base Chief. Added 01/11/2003.


N825LF - LifeNet 5 is based at Bartow Airport in Polk County.  The vendor is Rocky Mountain Helicopters. Thanks to Stacy L. Howell. Added 01/19/2002.


N577LF - Baptist LifeFlight from the Baptist Health System in Pensacola. Baptist LifeFlight started operations in 1977 as the 3rd hospital based program in the United States. Crew is pilot, nurse and medic. Vendor is CJ Systems Aviation Group. Thanks to Garth Miller, Flight Paramedic. Added 10/29/2002.


N911FK - Trauma Star from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. This refurbished UH-1H provides Trauma and Offshore Rescues in the Florida Keys. Crew is Pilot and Flight Deputy. Medical crew is Flight Paramedic and Flight EMT. Thanks to Deputy Matthew Cordell, Trauma Rescue Pilot. Added 10/28/2002.


N175SF - Air Rescue 3 based at Fire Station #52 at the Orlando - Sanford International Airport. This Bell UH-1H is operated by the Seminole County Dept. of Public Emergency Medical Services Fire / Rescue Division. The crew is 2 pilots and 2 flight paramedics / firefighters. Thanks to Dave Williams, FireFighter/Flightmedic. Added 08/11/2002.


N911PB - Trauma Hawk from Palm Beach County, Florida. Thanks to Oscar Bernardi. Added 08/01/2002.


N276TH - Trauma Hawk from Palm Beach County, Florida. Trauma Hawk is a cooperative effort between Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue and Palm Beach County Health Care District. Thanks to Stuart K. Drost from Sikorsky. Added 11/12/2000.


N911LF - Tallahassee Memorial Life Flight based at Tallahassee Memorial Health Care in Tallahassee. Life Flight started operations in 1982 and covers a 90 mile radius which includes North Florida and South Georgia. The crew is Pilot, Paramedic and Paramedic/RN. Thanks to Michael DeSouza, Paramedic. Added 07/16/2002.


N158BC - Air Rescue 85 is a joint effort of Broward County Fire Rescue and the Broward County Sheriff's Office. The helicopter is staffed by a paramedic from the Fire Rescue Division and piloted by a deputy sheriff. Air Rescue 85 operates 24 a day. The aviation unit also operates 3 A-Stars. Thanks to Oscar Bernardi. Added 08/01/2002.


N911HR - First Flight based at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne. This EC135 is dedicated in the memory of nurse John DeBiasi. First Flight has been in operation for 14 years, with Metro Aviation as the vendor for the past seven years. Holmes Regional is a Level II trauma center. Thanks to Oscar Bernardi. Added 04/26/2002.


N170MC - Orlando Regional Healthcare System's Air Care Team. The Air Care Team started service in 1984 with a BO-105. They fly around 1200 missions per year. Thanks to Stacy L. Howell. Added 04/26/2002.


N601EH - FireStar is a joint venture between CJ Systems Aviation and Orange County Fire Rescue Department. FireStar began operations in December 2000. Thanks to George Arana. Added 10/20/2001.


N601FH - Florida Flight 1 is an inter-facility air medical transport program based at Florida Hospital Medical Center in Orlando. Helicopter is leased from CJ Systems Aviation. Thanks to Stacy L. Howell. Added 10/06/2001.


N911WJ - Martin County Fire Rescue LifeStar started operations in October, 2000. Lifestar is staffed with two paramedics 24 hours per day, seven days a week. LifeStar performs inter-facility transports and scene calls. Thanks to Rich Hunter, Flight Paramedic. Added on 06/03/2001.


N5417J - Lee County EMS Helicopter. The helicopter is based at Page Field Airport in Fort Myers and serves Southwest Florida between Miami and Tampa. Thanks to Mike Stinnett, LCEMS Flight Paramedic. Added 12/03/2000.


N52323 - Collier County's Med Flight One. This EC-135 just replaced an AS-350. I think this helicopter is now designated as N911CK. Thanks to Pilot Ed Henderson from the Collier County Sheriff's Dept. Added 10/17/2000.


N15460 - LifeFlight from Miami is a joint venture of Miami's Children's Hospital and Mount Sinai Medical Center. This inter-facility transport program has an Adult Flight Team at Mount Sinai and a Neonatal/Pediatric Team at Children's Hospital. This S-76A is based at Opa Loca Executive Airport in Miami. Thanks to Richard Rodriguez, Dispatcher. Added 11/20/1999.


N911PF - Life Flight from Baptist Hospital in Pensacola. Program is run by PHI. Thanks to Galen, a PHI mechanic.


N8WH - Baptist AeroMed from Baptist Hospital of Miami. Thanks to Larry Dixey, Flight Nurse.


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