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2003 |

This gallery was sent to us as a tribute to MedEvac 8 by Steve Melvin. Here is the text of the letter that accompanied the photos.

Hello Alec: First off, let me say what a great site you have! You and your Dad have done a super job on your site paying tribute to those who put others before themselves. I have enclosed a photo that was taken last year atop University Hosptial, in Cleveland, Ohio. The pilot in the photo is Lead Pilot, Joe Magyary, doing a run up on the aircraft. I am sending this to you, hoping you'll include this in Medevac 8s web site, or photos of them as a tribute to them. I have had the privilege to do photo work for them, and have come to know them quite well. These are the most dedicated, professional people, you could ever work with. Beside being the tops in their field, I would stress that they put Safety first regardless of any task they did. I feel honored to have known Bill Spence, as he was always thinking safety, but was as nice of a fellow as he was superior in his job. As for Kelli Conti, not only was she the best in her field, and well liked, but when she walked into a room, it lit up, along with everyone in there. It's a smile that will always stick with me! The people that who have gone on and do their job each and everday, will do it, knowing that Bill and Kelli, are still watching over them. I was proud to have known them, and am glad they were able to touch my life as they did!

Steven Melvin

All photos are owned and copyrighted by Steve Melvin. Clicking on an image will take you to a larger image. Please set your screen resolution to at least 800 x 600.


N626MB at night.

N626MB at night.

Kelli at a patient reunion.

Bill in the cockpit.

Kelli with Safety Pup
from Madison P.D.

Lead Pilot Joe Magyary.

Kelli with Warren Anderson.

New photo of N117KC submitted by Steve Melvin.


University Hospitals MedEvac 8
safe at home during a
November, 20002 thunderstorm.

New photo of N118WS submitted by Steve Melvin.


University Hospitals MedEvac 12
January, 20003